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Exciting News: TopGene Finalises 100 Million Pre-B Round of Financing

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

TopGene announced the completion of nearly 100 million Pre-B round of financing. This round of financing was led by Yuexiu Industry Fund.

Founded in Guangzhou 2014, TopGene is a high-tech biomedical company based on high-throughput sequencing and focusing on the precise diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

It has three medical laboratories with high-throughput sequencing platforms of illumina and MGISEQ, digital PCR platforms, NanoString digital quantification systems, etc.; it self-developed free-DNA (cfDNA) target capture technology (liquid biopsy), multiplex amplification technology, unique molecule label noise reduction (UMI), tumor panel design, high performance computing (HPC) system and other technologies and platforms.

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As the leader of this round, Lu Rong, President of Yuexiu Industry Fund said, "With the promotion of PARP inhibitor drugs in the Chinese market and the CFDA's further recognition of NGS-based cancer multi-gene detection methods, a huge market for female tumor-related precision treatment will be opened. TopGene, with a strong precision medical clinical application promotion team and as the leader of women's cancer precision treatment platform, will quickly become the first brand in this field."

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